There are many interesting cupcake decorations that make the minimalist cupcake looks beautiful and delicious. However, decorating a cupcake is not simple or easy. You must be creative in decorating cupcakes to make it looks elegant, beautiful, and lush. If you want to decorate cupcakes, you need to know some good technique. Good technique makes […]

Attractive and lavish cake decorating ideas makes your cakes fantastic. Can you decorate a cake? Decorating a cake is not easy. You need to have a good skill to decorate a cake. You also need to have many references in this field. There are many references about decorating a cake or cupcake decorating ideas that […]

Fondant cakes are quite different from the terms of other cakes such as a marble cake, or a red velvet cake. It refers to a general category of cakes that uses fondant icing as its icing, or what is also usually called as simply fondant. The icing is edible and it is mostly used to […]

Cake stands are essential for showcasing cakes and cupcakes that are decorative. They are usually needed for events and parties. You can most definitely purchase cake stands, but for an alternative that is more creative and also cheaper, you can try making a stand by yourself. It can be made up of a lot of […]

Anniversary cakes are crucial for some couples in order to be a form of celebration of their wedding anniversary. The anniversary cake idea may have not been heard before, but you can actually preserve the top tier of the wedding cake and only eat it as your anniversary celebration cakes after a year later in […]

That would be very nice to have special design for your special day. You can have outstanding wedding cake designs that would be very good for your wedding party. There are some different variations for the wedding cake ideas that you can choose. The designs should be something related to your wedding concept and theme […]

When you are looking for the right wedding decoration ideas that can fit your wedding theme, you will find many inspirations to explore. Starting from elaborate wedding decoration ideas outdoor for luxurious and glamorous feel to wedding decoration ideas simple to help you saving extra money, there are many possibilities out there. Well, speaking of […]

The moment when you are planning a wedding, you will be exposed to unlimited wedding ideas, including the unique wedding ideas. This step can be extremely overwhelming, especially if you still have no idea what theme you should carry for the big day later. Well, do you know the inspirations can come from, like, anything […]